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Open Beta
09.02.16 14:40 Uhr
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The open Beta for PC is now official.

You can play the Beta between the 19th and 21th february.

It will have more content as the closed beta.




Level designer is explaining a new mission.


Beta Videos of DW-Team
08.02.16 20:16 Uhr
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Few DW-Videos of the Beta :


Single player -normal-



4 player -hardcore- part 1



4 player -hardcore- part 2


05.02.16 11:51 Uhr
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Open beta ?
04.02.16 14:32 Uhr
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We tested the closed beta with 7 of our players and we were more then pleased with the game

We thought that we have to wait 5 weeks until the release of The Division.

But there is a rumour that we will have a open beta from 17th february till 21th february.

And we hope it will be the full content of the game


You will find few of our player videos from the beta @ our facebook group , feel free to join .


The Division - Division Wüstenfuchs


Closed Beta
26.01.16 21:08 Uhr
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The preload of The Division is now possible.

The size for PC is 26.26 GB.

The closed Beta will start on friday at 13:00 CET.

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